Yandex Metrica – Less Beaten Path in Web Analytics

At Google Analytics, the world does not end. When you should choose another solution and what can you gain by choosing a less beaten path in web analytics?

Every website and e-commerce should have a web analytics service. Only thanks to it, you are able to see what works and what does not, how users surf through your page, when they click and how they buy offered products or services. Above all, the most common choice for every e-commerce I know is Google Analytics. However, there are many different solutions. But this one is the most popular, commonly known and free of charge. Of course, I encountered clients that used Adobe Marketing Cloud (not free of charge). But almost no one chooses Yandex Metrica which is also free! Let’s take a closer look at this alternative tool you should know!

After reading this article you will know:

  • What is Yandex Metrica
  • What Are the Benefits and Functionalities of This Web Analytics Tool
  • When Should You Implement It.

Yandex Metrica – What Is It?

Yandex Metrica is the web analytics tool provided by Yandex, the leading Russian search engine. It was launched in 2009 and still remains free of charge. It offers many more additional monitoring possibilities than popular Google Analytics that marketers, website owners, and analysts should consider. Yandex Metrica provides the same statistics for any service in the world. You just have to implement its’ tracking to your website. Yandex Metrica is a powerful web analytics tool that enables you to track, analyze and evaluate visits and user behavior on your service. What is more, it allows you to assess the effectiveness of your website and the quality of visits it receives. 

Yandex Metrica has a very intuitive interface and is really straightforward to use thanks to the well-structured menu and dashboards. Moreover, this web analytics tool is available in English. 

Additional Tools for Marketers Provided by Yandex

Yandex offers powerful marketing and advertising solutions that companies can use if they want to operate in Russian-speaking countries. Here are some of them:

  • Yandex Checkout – an e-commerce site service thanks to which you can receive online payments from credit cards or other online and offline systems widely used in Russia;
  • Yandex Direct – the equivalent of Google Adwords, that allows you to create pay-per-click and banner campaigns on Yandex;
  • Yandex Webmaster – the equivalent of Google Search Console. With this tool you can monitor the indexing of your website on Yandex;
  • Yandex Wordstat – SEO tool that allows you to find keywords and phrases related to your products or services. Thanks to it you can also track user searches online over a certain period of time. It is similar to Google’s Keyword Planner.

Functionalities of Yandex Metrica Web Analytics

Yandex Metrica may surprise you with its functionalities if you have not used it so far. Let’s take a closer look at them!

First View of Yandex Metrica – Dashboard

The dashboard shows you the standard information for a given period of time, which you can select from the bar at the top. You can see there:

  • Total number of users;
  • New users on the website;
  • Statistics on the quality of visits: bounce rate, number of pages visited (page depth), and time spent on the site;
  • Traffic sources divided by channels;
  • Devices used by users;
  • Age segments of users.

yandex metrica dashboard

yandex metrica dashboard view

So this is what you see as a default view. But Yandex Matrica’s dashboard is very flexible. You can select and insert widgets from an enormous library of predefined ones as well as create your own with very specific information. 

Here is an example of a personalized dashboard. You can see that Yandex Metrica allows you to see metrics that are not available in different tools, like the percentage of users using Ad blocks.

yandex metrica personalized dashboard

You can divide users and visits into various segments according to your needs. The possibilities are almost endless. The displayed information can be less or more detailed. You can move all of the widgets at will within the page. Moreover, they can present data as a pie or line charts – you decide on it. Therefore, if you configure them correctly, they can be a powerful tool to evaluate the performance of your website at hand! And as we all know, making business decisions is just easier when your data is well-visualized.

Reports in Yandex Metrica – Web Analytics You Will Enjoy

Yandex Metrica reports users’ actions between 30 seconds and 5 minutes after the actions happen. While other statistics are updated every 30 seconds! You can see all the data in a table as well as in a variety of neat graphs. Reports are divided into the following categories, that are described below.

Standard Reports

As a name suggests they are standard reports that show you traffic, conversion, sources, audience, content, technology, monitoring, e-commerce and monetization segments. Some of them are divided into more sub-categories that you can explore thoroughly. 

My Reports in Yandex Metrica

This section shows the reports you created. They can have specific metrics that interest you the most and are relevant to your business. To create your report just click ‘new report’ and system will guide you with all the needed information. What is great about your own reports is that you can compare specific periods of time, saved segments or metrics that you choose.

Favorites in Yandex Metrica Reports

In this section, you can see the reports you marked as the favorites that you want to have in one place to analyze them on a regular basis. It can make your life easier if you configure it properly and mark only reports that are essential for you. 

Scheduled Reports

Here you can view all the reports you scheduled. While creating a new report you can schedule it for later so the data uploads for the future. It can be a great solution for weekly or monthly reports you conduct regularly. Try it for yourself!

Maps on Yandex Metrica That Allows to Analyze the Website’s Performance

There are 4 different maps in Yandex Metrica that you can analyze. They can be really useful in terms of website optimization and user experience.

Link Map

This heat map displays “warm” colors for links users click more. On the contrary, “cold” colors are for the clicks less often. Most importantly, the collected data is stored for a year. Below you can observe how it looks like for our website.

yandex metrica link map view

yandex metrica link map view

Click Map

This heat map can be very useful to check if the calls to action and buttons on your website work properly or if they should be modified. Therefore, it can help you decide on implementing new buttons or sections where users expect to find them. What is more, click map also saves data for a year.

yandex metrica click map view

Scroll Map

This map uses warm colors to present the most-viewed areas of the website, where users stop for relatively long periods. On the other hand, cold colors indicate areas where users do not read content or stop while scrolling. It may give you some valuable insights about the effectiveness of your content. You can modify it then in order to place the most important information where users are the most engaged. However, the scroll map stores data only for 2 weeks.

yandex metrica scroll map

yandex metrica scroll map view

Form Analysis

Thanks to this functionality you can check how contact forms perform on your website. It represents the conversion funnels and reports data on the users, their interactions with the specific module and sent forms. However, this feature also stores data only for 2 weeks.

yandex metrica form analysis

Yandex Metrica’s Session Replay

This feature is the biggest surprise for people who are checking Yandex Metrica for the first time. And I am not shocked by this because I am also a big fan of it!

This tool records and replays user sessions on your website. You can also see interesting data about each user who visited your website. Therefore, you can analyze the source, country of origin, operating system and browser used. You are able to see the date and time of the visit, the degree of their engagement (from the red ball as the lowest to the green ball as the highest engagement), the time users spent on your website, page views, search phrase, referring site (if there is one) and session number. Moreover, you can check more detailed information about the visit by clicking the two icons on the right – the funnel and the i. Of course, if needed, you can modify the columns of the table and change them. 

yandex metrica session replay

To see the recording just click the ‘play’ button and enjoy this advanced feature!

yandex metrica session recording view

What is more, most web analytics tools do not offer this feature of live recordings. Most companies buy a separate tool to analyze heat maps and user behavior on their websites, like Hotjar. 

When Should You Implement Yandex Metrica?

Actually, you can always implement Yandex Metrica, even if you have other web analytics tools already implemented. You can use it as a double-check of your website’s performance. It is free! What is more, implementation is easy and quick so you should not have any problems with it! Moreover, I highly recommend to check out this web analytics service. As you could see, Yandex Metrica offers a lot of interesting and practical features and is really intuitive to use. It is a great analytics solution not only for websites operating in Russian-speaking countries.

Yandex Metrica – Web Analytics Alternative You Should Know

I believe that Yandex Metrica proved its worth through its features that offer way more than most of the popular web analytics services. It is highly advantageous and can help to optimize better any website. Moreover, easy implementation is also a plus that you should take into consideration. In my opinion, Yandex Metrica is a great solution that every marketer and web analyst should know!

If you have experience with it, want to share something you’ve come across, do not hesitate to get in touch with me!