Essential Web Analytics
Keep an eye on your website’s performance and increase return on investment.
Do you want to control the results of your website and online advertising outcome?
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Tool we provide will help monitor the results of your website, PPC campaigns and ecommerce revenue.
One time implementation ready to track your KPIs and show the results in form of easily legible dashboard you can access anytime.
Your benefits

Have properly collected website’s data gathered in one place

Get only the information that is important for you – no more endless Excel files and illegible tables

Easily check if the online campaigns increase the conversion rate and your money is well spent

Gain knowledge and support from experienced analysts

Rest assured that your data is safe in our specialists’ hands

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Package includes

Google Analytics audit conducted by certified specialists to check your current results and seek opportunities for your growth

Implementation of the most important improvements using Google Tag Manager to make sure you have all essential data you need

Preparation of data visualization dashboard using Google Data Studio to have all of your website’s data in one place

90 minutes of support and consulting service provided by our certified specialists

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