Enhanced Ecommerce by Google Analytics – How to Make the Most of It?

The Enhanced Ecommerce is the functionality in Google Analytics that can skyrocket your reports and analysis. It offers marketers the ability to customize Google Analytics around your website’s purchase funnel. The installation of the plugin unlocks new dimensions and metrics which together offer actionable insights into the better performance of your service. So how to make the most of Enhanced Ecommerce by Google Analytics for your website? Let’s find out in this article!

I will present:

  • What is the difference between Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics
  • Why Enhanced Ecommerce is worth the implementation
  • What insights you will get by introducing it to your Google Analytics and everyday reports.

What’s the Difference between Ecommerce And Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics

You probably know or use the standard Ecommerce plugin that tracks transactions on your website. It allows you to attribute revenue to channels as well as identify products that are bought the most in your service. This data is invaluable and can be beneficial to sales, marketing, finance, product development, and actually your whole company. However, when it comes to improving revenue generation it can be really limited.

That is when Enhanced Ecommerce can help you. It provides the insights we need to make smart data-driven decisions. This functionality allows you to analyze which products users view, add to and remove from their baskets, or check out with. Thanks to it, you can visualize the points where users abandon the checkout process and even include the ability to segment these users. Therefore, you can identify trends or use this data in the Google Display Network for remarketing campaigns. 

Why Enhanced Ecommerce Is Worth the Implementation?

Everyone who sells products or services online wants or should want to improve the checkout journey, understand which promotions and how drives sales, track non-standard product attributes as custom dimensions or metrics. All of it is available in Enhanced Ecommerce. When you implement it, you will be able to track these things, which standard Google Analytics does not give you.

Its installation may not be simple, but the collected data can be utilized by many online stores, whether in aspects of UX, Optimization, Marketing, Product, Sales, and of course Analytics!

What Insights Will Enhanced Ecommerce Derive?

Thanks to Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, you will be able to track the entire user’s path that leads to purchase. You can analyze it and optimize it to drive more sales. You will be able to answer the questions like:

  • Are users able to find the products they are looking for easily?
  • Which product lists are best at driving product views, which at signing up to the newsletter, and which one at driving sales?
  • Are your clients using promotions you offer them?

You can divide all of the reports into 3 groups: behavioral (how users interact with your website), product-focused (performance of categories, particular products), and promotional (coupons, codes, other internal promotions). You can learn from them a lot!

Product Performance Reports in Enhanced Ecommerce

If you dig deep into the Product Performance report you can see what users are actually buying and what they are not interested in. You are able to break the report by brand, category, name, SKU (it can be useful if products’ names change often), and a product-scoped custom dimensions. Moreover, it allows you to find answers to questions that include:

  • Which products do users buy in bulk and which just as a one-off?
  • Which product pages are not converting well, and which have the highest add-to-basket rates?
  • What products drive most of the revenue?
Product Performance Report, enhanced ecommerce, google analytics
Product Performance Report

Above you can see how it looks like at Google’s Merchandise Store.

Behavior Reports

The Checkout and Shopping Behavior reports are useful to better understand the buying process. They will help you answer the questions below:

  • Do users find products they love yet struggle to buy them?
  • Do the login/registration step of the checkout is logical and filled at ease?
  • Which traffic sources are driving users that are not engaged with your offer (they do not view any products or categories)?
Shopping Behavior Report, enhanced ecommerce
Shopping Behavior Report
Checkout Behavior Report
Checkout Behavior Report

Marketing Reports

What is more, thanks to the Marketing reports you can track how promotions are affecting sales. This report will help you to find answers to the questions below:

  • Do your shoppers hunt for deals, use coupon codes frequently?
  • Did your last promotion perform better than the previous ones? How did they affect top-line revenue?
  • Did users click on your sales banner and purchased the product offered behind it or they have looked for something else?

See how Marketing reports are extended – you can analyze different aspects of your promotional actions.

Internal Promotion, Marketing Report
Internal Promotion, Marketing Report
Order Coupon, Marketing Report
Order Coupon, Marketing Report
Product Coupon, Marketing Report
Product Coupon, Marketing Report
Affiliate Code, Marketing Report
Affiliate Code, Marketing Report

How Does Enhanced Ecommerce Work?

Once, you implement it, remember to test it. Moreover, do not expect to get historic data – you can only track data after the implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce, so do not wait with it for too long! Therefore, the sooner you implement it, the sooner you can optimize your actions and get better results! 

How Can You Test Enhanced Ecommerce by Yourself?

Google provided you the option to test this functionality by giving everyone access to the Google Merchandise Store Demo Account. It has opened up the sales data of its merchandise store, so you can experiment with a real-world, fully-functional implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce. You can access it here.

Moreover, even when you implement Enhanced Ecommerce, you can still use standard Ecommerce reports. Be aware that implementation may not be the easiest one, but you can always ask for help – we are here for you!

Enhanced Ecommerce – Way to Go for Your Online Store

As you can see, Enhanced Ecommerce gives you a lot of valuable insights. To sell products online it is one of the best tools that will help you analyze and optimize your actions, so drive more sales. I highly recommend at least checking it out, if not implementing it right away!